All linux distro's can do nice as routers since kernel and software are more or less the same. Find the one that is more easy for you to install and handle. Personal choice: Gentoo

Then Kodachi Linux is one of the best most secure Linux distros that you would love to have. Many users are saying that this is the most secure Linux distro that they have ever had. Personally, I have never tested, though. This Operating System comes with Tor, a VPN, and DNSCrypt and can be booted easily from a DVD or USB drive. 9 of The Best Linux Distros in 2020 - Make Tech Easier Describing itself as a “midweight” Linux distro, MX Linux runs like a dream even on lower-end PCs, and its fairly minimal starting setup makes it a favorite among developers. Yes, its default XFCE desktop environment may look a little dated next to more renowned distros like Ubuntu, but there’s something to be said for keeping things simple. 9 Best Linux Gaming Distributions in 2020 - It's FOSS 2020-1-23 · Do note that most of the major Linux distributions support thousands of games with the help of Steam (and Steam Play). Best Linux Gaming OS. Just for clarification, this list of the best gaming Linux distributions is no particular order. 1. Steam OS. Steam OS, developed by Valve Corp. (the creator of Steam), is one of the most popular gaming 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions for Older

The Linksys WRT1900AC is a top-end modern router that gets even sweeter when you unleash Linux on it and install OpenWrt. OpenWrt includes the opkg package management system giving you easy access to a great deal of additional open source software to use on your router. If you want the pleasure of SSH access on your router, the […]

10 Best Linux Home Server Distros - Stability, Performance The Last Word: Best Linux Home Server Distros. If you're considering building a server, Linux distributions make excellent server environments. Most remain free and offer better security, stability, and longevity. You may also consider FreeBSD. Although FreeBSD is not a Linux distro, it's Unix-like so it shares the same underpinnings.

15 Most Secure Linux Distros for Privacy and Security

2020-4-3 · While being an Ubuntu-based distro, it also features the Xfce desktop which makes it good enough for some old computers. Considering that Linux Mint as one of the best Linux distros, you can also try other editions (like Cinnamon) available. Minimum system requirements for Linux Mint Xfce: 1GB RAM (2GB recommended). Home Page - Zeroshell Linux Router Zeroshell is a Linux based distribution dedicated to the implementation of Router and Firewall Appliances completely administrable via web interface. Zeroshell is available for x86/x86-64 platforms and ARM based devices such as Raspberry Pi. Some advanced features of Zeroshell are: Load Balancing and Failover of Multiple Internet Connections VPN Site to Site and VPN Host […] Put the fun back into computing. Use 2020-7-20 · The exfat-fuse modules has been removed since support for exFAT is now available in the kernel. "The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2020/Jun/30). Linux kernel was updated to 5.7.6-1. ocs-iso, ocs-live-dev: sync syslinux-related files when copying syslinux exec files. 8 Great Linux Routers, from SOHO to Enterprise - A Feast 2019-5-9 · Here we're going to take a look at the most popular open source or Linux-based router projects. Now let's get started! DD-WRT. DD-WRT is arguable the most popular, feature-rich, and well-maintained open source firmware replacement for wireless routers, embedded systems, and PCs. Its Linux software runs on compatible open routers and systems.