Basic Port Forwarding for the DVR & NVR

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Jan 21, 2020

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Port forwarding is a technique used to enable incoming internet connections to reach your device when using a VPN. It is necessary because most VPNs use an NAT firewall to stop users falling victim to malicious incoming connections. This is a useful security feature, but it is unfortunately unable to distinguish between incoming connections you don’t want and those that you do.

How do I enable port forwarding on my VPN? - Knowledgebase The Port Forwarding option in our Windows, Mac, Linux and Android software can be used to potentially optimize torrent performance. Enable Port Forwarding: In order to enable port forwarding in our PIA app, first disconnect from the VPN. Latest Client (v1.0 and newer): Right-click the … VPN Port Forwarding Guide | What is Port Forwarding & how Jan 21, 2020