Jquery : Security vulnerabilities

Note that while jQuery does its best to protect users from security vulnerabilities, jQuery is a DOM manipulation library that will generally do what you tell it to do. In this case, the behavior was likely unexpected, so jQuery.extend will no longer write any properties named __proto__ . How to upgrade jQuery to latest Version in Wordpress I ran a security scan against my website through Netsparker and found one of the vulnerabilities as “Out-of-date Version (jQuery Migrate).” There is a known issue with installed version (1.2.1), and it’s best practice to keep your technical stacks up-to-date. jQuery JavaScript library flaw opens exposes hundreds of Apr 22, 2019 May 2020 jQuery Vulnerabilities in NetApp Products

jquery – Ship software without vulnerabilities.

Oct 30, 2019 · In total, we tracked six security vulnerabilities affecting jQuery across all of its releases to date, four of which are medium severity Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities, one is a medium severity Prototype Pollution vulnerability, and lastly, one is a low Denial of Service vulnerability.

nopCommerce 4.2 & jquery version 3.3.1 fails pci scan

Many vulnerabilities in software are published on the internet. In jQuery, there is only a small number of publicly known vulnerabilities. The descriptions of the vulnerabilities can be found on the CVE database and on retire.js. Retire.js is a vulnerability checker for JavaScript libraries. New Fix for jQuery Vulnerabilities Apr 24, 2019