Mar 07, 2017 · Google accounts will consist of many services provided by Google. Access: Gmail can be accessed after signing up to a google account: Google accounts will need a password and username to be created. Options: Gmail can be accessed after signing up to a google account. You are able to create a google account without signing up for a Gmail account.

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Never mind, found it myself:

Go into your Gmail account and click on settings. Then click on filters and then on create a new filter; In the "to:" field enter your gmail E-Mail address followed by a "+" and the word you want to filer E-Mail by. i.e.; click on next. now choose "skip the inbox" and "apply the label" and choose create new label. Call it Difference Between Gmail Account and Google Account Mar 07, 2017

The Kindle Fire's e-mail client can set up Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL accounts with ease. If you want to set up your Google Apps Gmail account, however, you'll need to enter a bit more

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